Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Jan loves shoes. He doesn't care which size or color...he absolutely adores them. He even wears them, if they are hot and sweaty because someone else just removed them from their feet after an hour long shopping trip. Yuck.
Ok...now him being a boy and loving shoes is weird enough you think? Wait 'till you see HOW he likes to wear them.

Yes. He wears them on his hands. Actually, he hardly ever wears them on his feet. Given that he didn't walk since very recently this is quite understandable. Who needs shoes on their feet when it's the hands that do all the work?

How cute! I hear you say. Wait a minute. Yes. It is. Until you want to leave the house and are in need for your shoes. Searching, searching...finding them in the toilett. Or the bathroom. Or the dust bin (because he loves to through all kinds of things in the trash). Or finding one shoe and having no clue where on earth the other might be.
But cute. Yes, it is.

Anyway...why do I tell you this? Because a week ago Jan actually stood up and walked. Well...it might not be that melodramatic. Maybe he walked a few steps at a time for quite a while now. And maybe, a week ago, he just walked 6 or 7 steps more than ever before. But by now he walks through the whole living room! Yeah!
So what is a shoe lover to do? Go shopping and by new shoes. His very own shoes. His very first very own shoes!
Here they are:

He likes them. Quite a bit. And he actually wears them on his feet. Well...maybe because I put them there and he can't get them off. Anyway.
Maybe this means the end to the where-are-my-shoes-has-anybody-seen-them-era.
We'll see.

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