Friday, September 11, 2009

instant shopping

Ah...nothing like shopping! And how I love shopping for digital goodies...paying and getting what you want instantly holds it's own kind of satisfaction. Better than that I still had a coupon over 25 dollars I got for christmas so getting what you want withoug that's best of all!

You'd like to know that I got? Well's you go :-):

Had my eyes on those for quite a while:

And love this memory tags:

And to start with it right away I also got me a layered template:

Never to late to learn a bit more:

Somehow I am totally into Bingo cards right now...but still don't know how to use them:

Ahh....and hopefully I will have some great pictures to go with this perfect kit!

Can't ever get enough sprinkles, can you?

Saw them on an Ali Edwards layout and had to have them:

So that's it. Let's go play :-).

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