Wednesday, June 3, 2009

random favourites

Just been scrolling through 180 Google Reader entries. Thought I'd share a few favourites!

Papertrey's Design Team is working on a challenge. Liked these too best:
Especially loved the way Pine incorporated the challenge in her Week in Life Album. (What is A the week in life project? Find out here!)

Never really liked paper dolls but these are great!

Nice tutorial:
Check out the rest of the blog too...some great ideas!

Another great sewing project:

Just what I've been searching for...

Love Jennifer's idea of leading a simple scrapbook for story telling and thus having more time for playful scrpabooking if muse strikes.

And here's a list of 1 minute house blessing jobs. No excuse anymore! Thank you UmAlawi! to doing the laundry.


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