Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yesterday a child from my girls school died in an accident. It happened just in front of the school. He was waiting for a traffic light to turn green with his friends when a car crashed into the group. Peter died before he reached the hospital. Two of his classmates where insured as well. However it's the emotional damage that will probably linger.

Altough I didn't know this kid I can't stop thinking about it. How he must have felt...dying without his parents near. How they must have felt...getting the call. I can't stop thinking "What if it had been my child?".

I think about the two people who caused the accident. Their life will never be the same either.

I think about the kids and teachers and parents who where around when it happened. How they will carry those pictures forever.

And how perhaps the parents would wish that THEY had been there...even if it was only to hold his hand and tell him that everything will be fine, no matter what. To see him one last time.

How will they feel, going into his room. Seeing how he left it...not knowing that he will never come back.

How they would wish that they had said good bye to him with all their heart in the morning. To make him feel that all their love, all their life is with him wherever he goes.

I can't imagine the hurt they must feel now.

I hear about accidents every day. Sometimes they touch me more than others. Only sometimes this deep.
It's different if you know the place. Know that, only one hour before, you where there. Know that your own daughter and her friends could have been standing there. Know the people who where there to help him and who now are forever changed.

How do you react to such a loss?
I don't know.

The only thing I know is that I will drive to school today and when my DD comes I will hug her dearly. I will try to be more friendly, more loving, more caring about her and her needs. For I can never know how much more time we will have together.

My deepest condolenses go to the family and friends of Peter. There are no words to take away their grief. May they find strenght in each other and in the arms of God.

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