Saturday, October 25, 2008

I know I'm a bad blogger recently. Let me tell you that I've got a lot going on lately.
I'm working on various projects:
A little halloween album inspired by Marion.
Check out this video if you want to know what I am talking about:

Second I got the album for my "Week in a Life" album a few days ago. Now I've got to decide, wich pics I will use and do a lot of journaling.
Go to Ali Edwards blog to find out about the "Week in a Life" project. It's so cool! She's doing great work!

Third: I didn't tell you right away but my mother got married a few weeks ago. And guess what...they asked me to take pics and do a wedding album on it! I was so honored. And nervous not to mention. What if the pictures would be all blury and unfocused? What if they didn't like them? But they do (I guess) and although some of them ARE blury and unfocused I took enough so I can do a nice album with them.
At the moment I'm doing some postediting and then they're off to get printed. Still have to decide which size though.

My big girl was chosen to be the "ring bearer" a task she took quite seriously *lol*. But she was great!

Last but not least I want you to check out this free online class by Jessica Sprague. It's called "stories in hand" and is all about getting those important and not so important stories out of your - forgetful - head and on to paper. Some of them will be turned into scrapbook pages later, others won't but still you and your family can always remember them! Got to to register. Registraions will be open till Nov. 8th.

That's all for today!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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