Friday, September 5, 2008

to do list

Want to see my to do list for today? Not a boring day I tell you!

* take BigGirl to school
* take LittleOne to the doctor
* shop for a gift for friends who recently got a baby
* return shoes from BigGirl...bought them too small
* go home for an hour (maybe tidy up a little bit..) -> couldn't...LittleOne wouldn't sleep
* pick up BigGirl from school
* make lunch (ok, this was just warmed up)
* trying to get LittleOne to sleep (whew)
* doing a baby card for our friends (this is the first card I created for a challenge. Check out Taylor's's so great!)
* wrapping the gift
* doing the week's shopping
* baking muffins for tomorrows visit
* maybe do some cleaning
* dinner
oh...and of course blogging's on my list too :-)

What are you up to today?

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