Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation update

Today was the third day of our vacation. We visited Graz which is one of my favourite cities. We did a little sightseeing and tried to find some new shoes for our BigGirl...not an easy task that is!

view from the "Schlossberg" in Graz

the "Uhrturm" in Graz

In addition to that BigGirl had her first real riding instruction and I think she did pretty good. It is such a cute sight..."little" girl, biiiig horse, don't you think?

Didn't anyone tell her this is the wrong way?

That's better! *hehe*

Just wanted to let you know that it took me about 1 hour to upload those pictures! I miss my high speed connection! How did we ever survive with 56k connections?

Anyway...I'm going to bed now. Good night, sleep tight!

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