Saturday, May 3, 2008

First time...

...this is my 5 year old's first real scrapbooking page!

We went to our favourite scrapbooking store together and she picked an album (plain white to be painted on) and some REAL scrapbooking supplies (which made her extremely proud (and cost me a small fortune *g*) and she got to work as soon as we came home.

This is the outcome of a 10 minutes sit in (oh my, she is so much faster than I am!).

I think she did quite well! I helped her put the glue on the stars and get the text on the page but otherwise it is her own work.
I'm especially proud that she didn't stick to her favourite color pink but tried to match the colors. Maybe her album won't be one big pink blur as I thought it would be :-)!

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