Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, it's been a long while since the last post and the only excuse I have is: I've been really, really busy!
With what? you might ask...well...I won't go into details but it involved some scrapping, some doctor's appointments (with more or less good outcome) and so on and so forth.

Last sunday was a big day: two friends of mine oranized a baby shower for me :-).
And so that I wouldn't be too bored beforehand, they send me a little box with a "To Do" for my hubbie and me. Here's the result:

The coloring is still missing, but we'll do it in the next few weeks...promised!!

So on the day of the shower I had to leave my flat early...I waited about 20 minutes and when I thought: "Well, maybe they're doing it without me!" they called me in.
Ten girls waiting for me, the flat all decorated and the food....but see for yourself:

I've been eating cake ever since :-).

After playing some games I got my presents, being the MaM babywearing coat I longed for for the last couple of month. In addition to that I also got some cute baby clothes (a black body with pink lettering: "born to be wild" for example ROAAAR).
THANKS to all of you, girls!!!

SPECIAL THANKS to my friends Verena and Andrea who made it happen!!! *hug*

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