Monday, March 24, 2008

selfmade chipboard

Because some people asked me, how I do selfmade chipboards, here's a step-by-step tutorial.

1. Open your Word processing Programm (I use OpenOffice for Mac) and write the letters you wanna use as chipboard.
2. Choose the font style and font size you want. My last one looked like this:

3. If you want you can change your font to "outline".

It then looks like this:

4. Then print your model writing mirror-inverted. In OpenOffice you can do that in your printer settings.

5. Cut out your letters roughly and adhere each letter on a piece of cardboard. On the other side of the cardboard adhere a piece of the paper you want your chipboard covered with.

6. Now comes the tricky part. Cut the letter with a scissor and/or a paperknife. This is how it looks on the front side while in the cutting process.

7. This is how the finished letter looks like. Notice the rough edges? You can try to smooth them down using your nailfile.

These are the letters I did today for my next layout.

If you want you can ink the edges of your letters or instead of adhering paper to it ink the plain cardboard letter.

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